The founder and leader of the International Gods Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has encouraged his congregation to always cherish giving birth outside marriage.

The controversial Bishop in a sermon to his congregation in one of his branches argued that God always blessed partnership between a man and a woman hence there was no need for two persons intending to marry to seek the consent of their parents.

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“When you are presented with marriage and children, choose the children because you can never afford to have children, a man can live with a woman for some time and God would bless their union even without the consent of your parents".

“God blessed the union between Adam and Eve without Adam performing marriage rites to any family, He blessed the union directly and He would do same for you even with your parents being unaware…,” he argued.

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The man of God therefore told his congregation that God always blessed marriages even without the consent of the family hence they should never break up their cohabitation relationships.

Methodist Bishop disagrees

This controversial doctrine of the Man of God, Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese of the Methodist Church, Rt Rev Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu said were incorrect adding that Adam did not need to perform the marriage rites to anyone.

According to him, the fact that God allowed the two to give birth and form a family which from then on served as the basis of all marriage, tells that God approves of holy unions.

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“If anyone preaches that Adam never performed a marriage rite before marrying Eve hence that should be repeated in this era, then that person is not teaching Godly messages, God in his own wisdom allowed the family to come exist to serve as witness of holy unions…..” he said.