Editor of the Searchlight Newspaper, Ken Kuranchie has advice the Montie trio to be careful who they associate with in prison.

Ken who was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment by the Supreme Court during the hearing of the 2012 election petition says the trio will have to accept their new state like he did back in 2013

“They should watch their sanitation and also be careful the people they associate themselves with. There are two types of prisons. There is that for the wee-smokers and the other people and there is the prison for those who keep Christian type of lifestyle and the strict and narrow ones.” Kuranchi advised.

Kuranchie was held in contempt for justifying, Sammy Awuku’s description of the judges as “hypocritical and selective” on the front page of his paper.

According to the ex-convict, since the three have no intention of appealing the sentence “I think that the best thing to do is to accept the sentence. You just take them in and move on with life.”

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Kuranchie urged the trio to associate with the strict and narrow inmates so to stay out of trouble.

“I think that when you are in prison for a short while you should associate with the strict and narrow people because if you go to the back of the building the possibility that you will get into further trouble is very high so they should watch who they associate with.”

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Commenting on the 4 months sentence handed to the three Kuranchi said “I think that the judges have done what is necessary to ensure people know that there are boundaries to what they can do. We should allow our good sense as human beings to always prevail.”