Lead Surgeon at the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery Ghana, Dr. Kwasi A. Debra, has revealed some of the most common cosmetic surgeries Ghanaians go in for.

Cosmetic surgery uses medical techniques to enhance the appearance of the person involved.

This type of surgery is very selective and can be performed on a person’s head, neck, and other parts of the body.

Dr. Debra opened up on the most common cosmetic surgeries done in Ghana during an exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV.


Below are the top 5 most common cosmetic surgeries Ghanaians are currently going in for:

1.     The hour-glass figure

This involves the burning of fat in the body as well as fat transfer to give the individual a projection in the buttocks and hips.

2.     Breast reduction

As the name suggests, this involves going in for plastic surgery to reduce the size of the breast.

3.     Penis reduction

This is where men specifically opt for surgery to reduce their manhood.


4.     Six-pack

Surprisingly, there are men who go in for cosmetic surgery just to gain a six-pack tommy.

5.     Buttock enhancement

The final most common cosmetic surgery that most Ghanaian women are interested in is the buttocks enhancement.