Asiedu, popularly known as Sexy Dondon, has been on trial since the MP was murdered at his Shiashie residence in 2016.

In a plea by his lawyer, Mr Augustine Obour, he said Sexy Dondon has been acting abnormal therefore the need for the examination.

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Sexy Dondon has admitted in court that he murdered the late lawmaker.

He said he was he was contracted by some personalities to kill the former MP.

I killed JB Danquah - 'Sexy Dondon' confesses I killed JB Danquah - 'Sexy Dondon' confesses

Daniel Asiedu said the second accused person, Vincent Bosso, was not part of the planning and execution of the MP's death.

He said "I have now given my life to God; I want to tell the truth so that the MP’s family will forgive me".

Daniel Asiedu was arrested two days after the incident.