Some aggrieved nurses on Wednesday stormed the premises of the Ministry of Health in protest of government’s decision to halt their recruitment into public health institutions.

The nurses wore their uniforms and had red armbands and red cloths tied around their head.

They also carried their toothbrushes, blankets, hair brushes, toothpaste and other personal belongings say they will picket at the premises until their issues are resolved.

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Some of the angry nurses said they are demanding to be posted immediately. “We want to work. We brought our bed. We are not going anywhere,” said one of the nurses.

Another also said “We can’t wait anymore! We want our posting,” added another, asking “why are we not part of Ghana?”

“We are hungry…why? What wrong have we done to you?”

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Meanwhile the Director at the Ministry of Health, Dr Afisah Zakaria said they had told the nurses to channel their grievances through the appropriate quarters. She added that the ministry needs to verify if all the protesting nurses are actually nurses.

The Government of Ghana has suspended the recruitment of over eight thousand (8000) health workers into the various health facilities in the country.

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A letter signed by the Minister of Health Kweku Agyeman-Manu gave this directive.

The letter clarified that the suspension was to allow the ministry fix all issues with financial clearance before they are hired.