Ghana teacher prize fully authentic — Aku Dzakpasu, Ghana's Most Outstanding teacher tells her story

What is this institution known as National Teaching Council (NTC), embodying strength, diplomacy, and authenticity?

Faith Aku Dzakpasu

Day and night, I tirelessly endeavoured to put my content together to fulfil the requirements of the ten essays for the Ghana Teacher Prize.

After school, without hesitation, I would rush to my computer to pour my heart into narrating my journey of becoming a teacher.

Gradually, what initially felt like a daunting task transformed into an enjoyable experience.

As I revisited my story and reflected on the impact I had made, I was astonished by how profoundly I had served my beloved country.


The realization sent shivers down my spine.

A few days before the deadline, I discovered the need for a thorough check to ensure the success of my application. The realization almost led me to the point of giving up.

Nevertheless, despite the challenges, I persevered and submitted my application.

Months after submitting my application, I found myself constantly anticipating communication from the NTC through texts or emails, as there had been no formal communication.

One early morning, while getting ready for school, I noticed a text message from the NTC. Excitedly, I checked, and the message instructed me to join the launch of the Teacher Prize.


At school, I would eagerly check every few seconds until I finally saw that the program had begun in full swing.

To my delight, I discovered that I was the third name on the list, and I could not contain my joy.

One significant challenge was gathering the necessary documents for the interview.

Some of the required materials dated back five years, and the most daunting aspect was retrieving certain documents from my previous school.


Despite the difficulty, I undertook the task. This involved obtaining my School Based Assessment, lesson notes, BECE results, and various other pieces of evidence showcasing my work.

A day was scheduled for the interview in Kumasi, and the journey from Accra to the Ashanti Regional capital proved both exhausting and emotionally charged.

My husband made a few stops along the way in an attempt to calm my nerves.

The following day, we arrived at the academy, and the sight of the interview team left me trembling with a mix of nerves and excitement.

They were not only warm but also poised, clearly aiming for the best candidates.


As I entered the interview space, a group of NTC ladies carried my seemingly overly expected teaching resources.

The sight of them and their diligence reminded me of the devoted service of the Galilean women in the holy book.

Throughout the process, they treated us with care and respect, providing all the necessary support.

My session involved teaching and responding to detailed questions about the teaching profession, making it one of the most intense days of my life.

After the interview, I shared with my husband how the chairperson closely scrutinized my impact brochure.


He suggested that we pass by the next day to give the book to the chairperson. I hesitated, expressing fear about going against the academy’s warning not to offer any form of appreciation to the team, not even a simple book, because I did not want to invite any trouble.

Soon, award ceremony at hand. We were provided with comfortable accommodation at Akromah Plaza in Takoradi.

The hotel not only offered restful sleep but also served appetizing meals. However, the anticipation of the contest outcome weighed heavily on my mind, causing me to lose my appetite.

During the two-day symposium, we had the chance to share our impact stories with the observers present. Interestingly, many people kept asking if I had any hint that I was going to win.

The answer was a resounding no. There were no signs, no hints, just a lingering suspense that added to the excitement of the moment.


It felt surreal, like a dream unfolding on October 5th when my name filled the airwaves – the Outstanding Teacher came from Greta D Shepherd 2.

What made this honour even more special was the absence of any financial obligation.

There were no secret meetings, no undisclosed demands for the award, reinforcing my belief that indeed, genuine organizations existed in Ghana.

My sincere appreciation goes to the NTC for upholding such integrity.

Many were curious about the packages promised by the NTC. To my delight, every commitment made by the NTC was promptly fulfilled, and I received everything promised within the shortest possible time. Yes, everything.


My journey to Singapore was an unforgettable experience, and with the promised one thousand exercise books and three-bedroom house fulfilled, there was no doubt that the NTC had elevated me to a higher level.

Just when I thought I had done well for myself, the NTC came along and made me a better woman.

I declare, with the heavens as my witness, that the Ghana Teacher Prize Award is truly free and authentic.

I stand as living proof, a beneficiary of this genuine recognition.

Grace, passion, and hard work are consistently the keys that unlock doors.


I encourage all fellow teachers to continually fall in love with the noble profession we have been called to.

One day, divine recognition will speak, and the world will sing our praise.

The National Teaching council is indeed building confidence and raising teaching standards.

Long live NTC!

Long live Ghana!


Written by Faith Aku Dzakpasu


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