Ghanaian students studying in Morocco protest over delayed stipend

Ghanaian students enrolled in Moroccan universities, benefiting from the Morocco scholarship program, staged a protest on Friday, May 24, voicing their grievances over prolonged delays in receiving their stipends.

Ghana - Morocco

The demonstration unfolded at the Ghana Embassy in Morocco, with students highlighting the adverse consequences of the delayed disbursement of their stipends. According to the protesters, the prolonged wait has resulted in various challenges, including financial difficulties, emotional distress, heightened risks, and academic setbacks for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Expressing their frustrations, one student emphasized the dire circumstances faced by many, including eviction threats from landlords, resorting to temporary accommodations with friends, and even homelessness. The absence of financial support has significantly impacted their ability to cover basic living expenses, including rent and sustenance.

"The question is how do we survive? Our landlords are chasing us out of our apartments, some of us are sleeping with our friends, some of us are sleeping outside.

"Imagine sending your daughter to another country to come and study for 10 months without sending her money to pay her rent, how do you want her to survive? There are people here in debt, and some are depressed. The last time, we had someone almost commit suicide.


"This is not noise. This is not a story or a narrative, this is what we are going through. Our lives are in danger. We are begging you, Mr. President, if you don't intervene, there will be blood on your hands,"

In a poignant plea directed at the authorities, one student underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting instances of severe distress among their peers, including incidents of depression and suicidal ideation.

The impassioned appeal urged swift intervention from the government, stressing the urgency of the matter to prevent further harm.

The students appealed to the government, the Ministry of Finance, and the Scholarship Secretariat to expedite the disbursement process, emphasizing the critical need for timely financial support to mitigate the challenges they face.


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