According to a labour consultant, Francis Kofi Davor, the decision by the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) to extend its strike action by two weeks while they negotiate with government is not only ‘illegal’ but ‘unfair’.

Members of the GMA at a crunch general assembly meeting on Friday rescinded its decision to resign en bloc as stated earlier but extended its ongoing strike by two weeks pending the outcome of negotiations. This decision was arrived at after 213 of the members voted for the extension of the strike while 148 voted for the resumption of duty.

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But speaking on Citi FM’s on Saturday, Mr. Davor on whether the striking doctors' decision is a progress made described the action as unfair. He advised that doctors do the civilised thing which is calling off the strike and going back to the negotiation table.

“They will be negotiating while on strike? It is not only illegal but unfair. Doctors are just playing power. You can’t point a gun at me while we negotiate. The only civilised thing to do is to call off the strike and go back to the negotiating table. And that will even get them government’s attention. You can’t be on strike and negotiate,” he said.

Talks between government and the striking doctors have stalled on several occasions. While the doctors say government has not been negotiating with them in good faith, government has said it cannot negotiate under duress.

Mr. Davor in his submission wondered what the National Labour Commission (NLC) has been doing all these while. According to him, the situation would not have been as it is if the NLC had intervened.

“Where is the NLC in all of these? It is becoming unclear that the parties are unable to deal with the matter,” he noted.