The government of Ghana has called on the Ghanaian youth to work hard in the country if they wish to succeed.

He was reacting to the ongoing slave trade in Libya where over one-hundred Ghanaian migrants have been flown back home.

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The Minister said that the youth can succeed “even if the devil is President of Ghana.”

He argued that the Ghanaian youth must change their mindset and develop better ways to succeed instead of resolving to travel to Europe with their life-long savings.

A total of 127 Ghanaian detainees returned to Ghana on Wednesday (November 29, 2017) night following revelations of human auctioning and trade by fellow blacks in Libya.

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The returnees included a woman, a physically challenged man, and 2 children.

The government paid about 400 cedis per person for their transportation back home. Chilling stories of dehumanizing treatment ranged from robbery to murder.

The repatriation was supervised by the foreign affairs ministry and the International Migration Organisation (IOM).