MEGA6 Lotto: Experience the new digital Lottery

The current trend of digitization has spread across almost every sector of the global economy. The lottery industry is no exception.


To offer convenience and accessibility, the industry is embracing digital platforms and mobile apps. This allows players to enjoy the lottery anytime and anywhere, enhancing their overall experience.

However, in Ghana, the industry is still in the early stages of adopting technology and relies heavily on traditional methods, where people still visit kiosks to participate despite attempts to introduce digital experiences, there hasn't been a standout option until now. We’re excited to Introduce MEGA6 Lotto.

MEGA6 Lotto is a digital lottery brand that leverages digital tools and technological advancements to create an innovative lottery experience available to every individual in Ghana above the age of 18.

You can play the game on the MEGA6 Lotto app, via USSD shortcode, or on our dedicated website.


Ghana has a growing population of tech-savvy individuals who rely on mobile apps and online platforms for various activities, including gaming and entertainment. MEGA6 Lotto's mobile app and USSD shortcode options cater to this tech-savvy audience, offering convenience, privacy, and accessibility whenever they want to play.

MEGA6 Lotto aims to redefine lottery culture in Ghana by presenting it as a tool for upward mobility and a means to fund dreams and aspirations. The brand represents the unity, resilience, and dedication of the Ghanaian people in their pursuit of financial independence. With just 6 numbers to choose between 1 and 49, MEGA6 Lotto provides higher odds of winning compared to other lotto stakes, and it offers the biggest jackpot win. With as little as 2 cedis, the average Ghanaian can win up to 1 million cedis.

MEGA6 Lotto’s partnership with the National Lottery Authority (NLA), ensures adherence to local and international gaming best practices. The use of top-of-the-line GLI & GSA Certified SmartPlay Machines ensures fair and transparent draws, reinforcing the brand's commitment to integrity.

Throughout history, lotteries have been used to contribute to society, such as the keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty that were used to finance the Great Wall of China. MEGA6 Lotto differentiates itself by giving back to society through its earnings. MEGA6 Lotto is not just about big winnings; it's also about giving back to society.


Every week, Mega6 lottery players empower Ghanaians to live out their dreams through the Mega 6 Impact fund. We’ve built a community that supports national development through gaming by dedicating a portion of proceeds towards nurturing exceptional talent in education, sports, and the creative arts by playing MEGA6 Lotto, Ghanaians have the opportunity to turn their dreams and those of others into reality.

To play MEGA6 Lotto, you can download the MEGA6 Lotto App from the Android and iOS stores. Alternatively, you can dial *266# on your mobile phone or visit Join MEGA6 Lotto and make a mega impact on your life and the lives of others.

MEGA6 Lotto: Mega winnings, Mega impact!



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