Men aged 20 to 39 responsible for 86% of teenage pregnancies in Tema

The Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate has disclosed that approximately 86% of teenage pregnancies in Tema are attributed to men aged between 20 and 39 years.

Teenage pregnancy

The Adolescent Health Advocate for the Tema Metropolitan Health Directorate, Doris Ocansey, revealed that their findings were based on research conducted into the demographics of men involved in impregnating adolescent girls in the area, particularly in Tema Manhean.

She emphasized the importance of focusing on adults, as they are responsible for impregnating these girls.

Ocansey disclosed to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the significant age gap between the parties involved, making it difficult for adolescent girls to assert condom usage to prevent pregnancies. The data also highlighted that a majority of the pregnant girls were junior high school graduates.

She urged men to refrain from engaging with adolescent girls to allow them to concentrate on their education and careers instead of being burdened with early pregnancies.


During the period between January and December 2023, a total of 355 pregnant adolescents aged 10 to 14 and 331 aged 15 to 19 were enrolled in the safety net program in the municipality. This program assists health officials in monitoring pregnancies until delivery.

Ocansey emphasized the program's goal of reducing repeated pregnancies among adolescents, decreasing maternal mortality and morbidity, and promoting postpartum family planning.

Out of those enrolled, 42 were attending school before pregnancy, including four in primary school, 26 in junior high school, and 12 in senior high school.

Measures are taken to ensure these girls do not engage in transactional sex after delivery by helping them decide whether to return to school or pursue vocational training or trading.


By the end of December 2023, 108 of the girls opted to return to school, 146 chose vocational training, 30 preferred trading, and 37 remained undecided on their post-delivery plans.

In 2023, the Tema General Hospital saw a significant increase in teenage pregnancies.

Naana Egyiriba Idun-Acquah, an Adolescent Focal Person at the hospital, disclosed that parents were neglecting to educate their adolescent children about sex, characterizing the age group of 10 to 19 years as the 'curious about sex' stage.

She emphasized the importance of parents establishing an open dialogue with their children about sex education, which could aid in preventing them from succumbing to the temptation of experimenting with sex.

She underscored that pregnancy can result from a single instance of unprotected sex, highlighting the urgency of proactive communication between parents and children.


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