Most Ghanaian MPs are obese - Dr. Nsiah

The former Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has disclosed that most lawmakers in the country are battling with obesity.

Dr Nsiah

He also said a chunk of parliamentarians are also battling with diabetes as well.

“I’ve realized that if you go to Parliament most of them have Obesity and Diabetes, their clinic there I’ve realized what they do is that everybody’s BP is high and they always go there to check their BP", Dr. Nsiah said.

The former Director-General of the Ghana Health Service(GHS) made the disclosure while contributing to a research finding which was done by the Service which concluded that 4 out of every 10 Ghanaians are obese.

He also talked about what he described as a dangerous development where several children are developing childhood obesity.


He attributed this to the fact that many parents want their children to only eat and not go for any activities when they return from school.

“You drag your children at the age of 2 to kindergarten, they go to primary school and when they come back early morning because you’re staying in Abura and there’s no school in Abura so you come to Christ the King."

"So the child is woken up at 4am it means the child didn’t have enough sleep, he comes and he studies and because you are a working parent you want the child to stay there until 5pm when you close before you go and pick the child. You pay the teacher that he should continue teaching a 2-year-old child extra classes and the child will sit in the classroom and by the time he reaches home, it’s already dark so there’s no activity whatsoever."


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