About 20 cars involved in accidents on Accra-Tema motorway

The chaos occurred following the heavy downpour that hit the national capital, Accra early Friday morning

The chaos occurred following the heavy downpour that hit the national capital, Accra early this morning.

There is hardly a day passing without accidents on the Accra-Tema Motorway, due to the fast-deplorable nature of the over 5-decade old road, which has not seen any renovation since its inauguration by the country’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.


Unlike the other roads in the country, the Tema Motorway was constructed with concrete, hence the surface is so smooth that whenever it rains friction between the road and vehicles’ tyres reduces drastically, if not completely absent.

Despite this fact however, drivers who ply that road are always under the notion that they must run at the fastest speed because they are on the Motorway.

Police officers from the Airport Police Motor Traffic and Transport Unit had to race against the rain to help in towing the vehicles that were involved in the chaotic situation, and also to ensure free flow of traffic without any further aggravation of the situation.

Speaking to, Station officer for the Airport MTTU, Chief Inspector Abraham attributed the situation to reckless driving despite the rains.


He said “If we can educate the drivers to exercise patience especially on the motorway when it rains, it will help. This road is slippery when it rains because it was built with cement, but drivers still want to speed even as it rains.”

As to the official number of cars involved in the chaos, Inspector Abraham estimated it to be about 15 cars at the time of this interview, saying “This is just from Tetteh Quarshie Interchange to where we are currently, I can’t talk about what the situation is at the Tema stretch."

Some private towing companies seized the opportunity to cash in on the situation, as some of them were around to tow the cars before the arrival of the police, making it difficult to take accurate statistics of the situation.


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