Executive Director of the Narcotics Control Board, Yaw Akrasi Sarpong has said the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes can be more harmful to ones health than marijuana, popularly known in Ghana as ‘wee’.

According to him, there are several products being promoted on the internet and allowed on the Ghanaian market that are more harmful than marijuana.

"Why is marijuana illegal but cigarette smoking not illegal?" he asked on TV3’s Hot Issue on Saturday May 21, adding that "The consequences are the same. Let us look through these things and the health consequences and ask ourselves: ‘Alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana, which is more dangerous?’ and the debate for those of us is that alcohol is more harmful, cigarette is more harmful."

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"People get addicted to drinking, people get addicted to smoking, people get addicted to marijuana. But let me stress here again [that] there are several products that are put there on the internet that are more dangerous and more potent than heroine, cocaine, and marijuana," he stressed.

He said a "virtual legalisation" of marijuana was already in place as the drug could be found in cosmetics and hair products used by women in the country.

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According to him, many Ghanaians, including respected professionals openly smoke marijuana.

Meanwhile, the Drug Law Enforcement Unit of the Ghana Police Service has between January and February this year recorded 32 cases with Ashanti Region leading the chart with 28 cases.