This is according to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment unit (NaCCA) under the Ministry of Education.

Mathematics is one of the most feared subjects, with many students often failing when it comes to examinations.

Some educationists have argued that the subject must be taught in a more practical manner for students to have the totality of understanding.

Reacting to this, the incoming Executive Secretary at NaCCA, Dr. Prince Armah, said the new curriculum is fashioned to make mathematics more friendly to Ghanaian students.

Incoming Executive Secretary at NaCCA, Dr. Prince Armah Incoming Executive Secretary at NaCCA, Dr. Prince Armah

“Mathematics has been taught in a way that is procedural, algorithmic and computational with only one answer. So the approach that this curriculum takes is within the context of problem solving and investigation,” he said on Citi TV’s Point of View.

“We are allowing children to learn Mathematics in a more experiential way, being investigative and applying Mathematics to everyday context. Over the years, we have the subject so immutable and far away.

“What this Curriculum does is to make it more experiential and connecting the empirical world more with the real number systems so that they {students} don’t have to imagine. Making students love observatory Mathematics is what we have emphasized. With this Curriculum we want to make Ghana Mathematics friendly,” he added.

Mr. Armah further stated that Mathematics, Science, Reading, Writing and creativity will be at the heart of the new curriculum.

Meanwhile, the new curriculum will become effective in schools from the next academic year, which begins in September.