Peki SHS headmaster accused of raping 18-year-old pregnant student

18-year-old student Enyonam who is pregnant has accused headmaster of Peki Senior High School Jonathan Agbley of raping her.

Peki SHS

Enyonam was impregnated by his boyfriend during the log down but decided to continue schooling and indicated the teachers have been supporting her, but the headmaster of the school took advantage of the situation and raped her.

“On the 15th of this month [November], about 4 pm, a girl came to call me that our headmaster said we should come to his house. So I dressed up and followed her to the headmaster’s house.”

“She gave a package to the headmaster and then he asked her to go back to the campus because he had somethings to discuss with me, after that, I will join her, so she left.”

“The headmaster asked me to sit in a chair beside him. When I sat down, he told me that he is now aware that I am pregnant and then per what he learned if someone is pregnant you need to be having sex.”


“Because the guy who impregnated me is not on campus he will take me as his daughter and then do everything that will be needed. So what he is about to do, I shouldn’t draw the attention of anybody in the house otherwise what he will do to me I will not like it.”

”So what they taught him was that, if you are 3 months pregnant and you don’t have sex, you will give birth to a disabled child. Either the leg of the child will not be in form or he or she will be blind. After that, he forced and had sex with me”, she said.

Enyonam said she has not been in good health after the headmaster had unconsented sex with her, as she has been experiencing persistent abdominal pains.

Her current condition makes it difficult for her to concentrate in class and robs her of good sleep at night.

She indicated that “because I complain of abdominal pains the teachers asked me to go home and rest”.


Though she reported to the Peki Government Hospital, health workers there were unable to diagnose her condition as they lack the requisite logistics to carry out tests on her.

She was referred to the Ho Teaching Hospital but was unable to visit the facility due to financial constraints.

”My teachers escorted me to report to the police about a week ago, but we haven’t heard anything from them”, she explained with a sad face.

Joy News investigations indicted that Enyonam is not the only student Mr. Agbley made sexual advances towards.

It’s an open secret at the Peki Senior High School that the headmaster is an alleged pedophile and has been taking advantage of innocent ignorant female students.


At least two female students have confirmed he attempted having sex with them.

”He once told me he wants to be keeping secrets with me, and I told him there is no way a teacher and a student can keep secrets between them. He asked me a lot of questions like am I a virgin and I told him I can’t bring out things that concern me to him like that”, one of the female students narrated.

Another stated that ”headie said he doesn’t want me to date in the school again so anytime he sees me, he will call me to his office and tell me not to accept proposals from my male colleagues. He said he loves me and wants to be my guy so I should accept him but I declined and told him he can be my grandfather.”

”He will touch my stomach and I will step back, he once touched my breast.”

The School’s PTA Chairman, who was devastated after hearing the news, petitioned the Ghana Education Service to launch an investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment and assault by the headmaster.


”From what we are gathering, this is a serious taboo for somebody to impregnate a lady then another person having sex with that same pregnant person is unheard of.

Mr. Agbley when contacted by JoyNews declined to comment on the accusations.

Nonetheless, the family of the victim is calling on the relevant authorities to ensure the headmaster is interdicted, arrested, and prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to others.


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