According to him, the funds must be used to address the major challenges of the people who lived in Zongo and not insignificant things.

"We don't want to come and put up a romantic Zongo Development Fund for show and use it to make football pitches for people to play, teach our women how to cook waakye among others," he said.

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Zongo community
Zongo community

He added: "We think that the issues facing the Muslim community are bigger than that. Access to education, how we put the children in school and keep them in school so that they don’t drop out."

The former President made this known at a meeting with Executives of the Federation of Muslim Council and asked: "what is the access to health care in the communities?"

He stressed that these infrastructure and utilities are what the government needs to prioritize to solve the development of disparity in the country.

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The Zongo communities are bedeviled with a lot of challenges such as poverty, education, health, and unemployment though they have great potentials and with the Zongo Development Fund Secretariat now fully functional, the Zongo development fund will concentrate on five strategic areas which include Infrastructure and sanitation, economic empowerment, social development, cultural promotion, security, and crime control.