Pulse Picks: 6 Ghanaian heroes of rape campaigns in 2020

2020 has been a stressful year for most Ghanaians and people around the world.

Pulse Picks: 6 Ghanaian heroes of rape campaigns in 2020

Aside from the world dealing with a pandemic, the discussion around rape had to be had once again with another push for justice for victims.

With an ideal world where rape will be history the focus, the push around education, laws and measures that could avoid the many rape cases recorded led a lot of conversations in 2020.

Many have been involved in the fight against rape. There are different angles to it and as the fight continues, new challenges pop up every day.


For example, Pulse Ghana’s campaign against rape threw more light on the medical examination fees victims are made to pay in a bid to seek justice. These fees usually hinder the prosecution process as many do not have the financial means to continue.

Other trends on Twitter revealed most women are likely to keep quiet when raped because of the stigma around it. Then there is the topic around men getting raped but not being able to speak up because according to ‘society’, men can’t get raped.

In all these challenges and revelations, some stood tall to push the fight and pick up any little win to change the narrative along the way. It wasn’t easy for many but their fight for an ideal world when it comes to campaigns against rape were commendable.

Here are the rape campaign heroes for the year 2020.


Ama K Abebrese’s quest to help abolish rape medical examination fee since she got to know has been top-notch and one that needs applauding.

She started a petition which gained thousands of signatures but did not stop there. On the education side, she dialogued with people on the topic on various platforms while not compromising on the education side. The Ghanaian actress fight against rape is one that needs recognition.


Lydia is a Ghanaian actress who fits for an influencer. Her strong stance and opinions have given her admiration and criticisms at equal measure.

On the topic of rape, Lydia has almost always pushed for a better society. Despite many thinking taking a stand for women is automatically being against men, the Ghanaian actress tries her best to give her support to causes that are worthy.

Her opinions and support to do away with false accusations when it comes to rape had the same energy as her campaign to stop rape and seek justice for victims in 2020. This was the energy we needed and Lydia gave to those who needed.


Gifty Anti has been an advocate for worthy causes and rape has been one of them. In 2020, the Ghanaian TV host has fought a lot of battles both in public and privately in the fight against rape in the country. Gifty had in the past banned popular Ghanaian relationship coach Counsellor George Lutterodt from her show ‘The Standpoint’ following his comments that rape victims enjoy the act. Her passion to push hard for a change in the narrative and stigmatisation when it comes to rape is still top-notch.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Greater Accra Regional Police Command DSP Efia Tenge has been an educative point of contact in the Ghana Police Service when it comes to education on what to do for rape victims.

When Pulse Ghana reached out ahead of our rape campaign, her demeanour showed someone who cared and wanted a change despite the enormous challenge.


Her private aids alongside the directions she gives to all who need when it comes to dealing with matters surrounding rape cases in Ghana is commendable. She is a gem in Ghana.

Samson’s take on the campaign against rape in 2020 has been tremendous in terms of contribution. As a show host on a popular television programme in Ghana, he used his platform and reach to educate on the topic of rape, defilement and medical treatment for victims while working in the background to aid with changing the narrative.


Kwaku BS’ support for Ghanaians to take rape allegations seriously was simple in 2020. When management of his La Meme Gang group failed to act swiftly after rape allegations were levelled against two members of the group.

In a statement, he wrote:

"Owing to irreconcilable differences between myself and the management, as well as the membership of the collective, I have chosen to leave. I appreciate the love and support of my family, friends and supporters which was shown to me during that point in time.

"I acknowledge the allegations and actions recently put forth against two members of my former collective, La Meme. I wish to say, neither their actions nor beliefs align with and represent that of mine. To all the brave and strong women who have acknowledged and recognized their power, I see you and I am in awe of your strength. This is NOT a time to be silent about any form of injustice, especially ones committed against black women."


As we move into 2021, let’s all help with the fight against rape.

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