Louis Tepretu of the video department, converted his office into a bedroom, where he lives with his wife and son for well over twenty years, the Herald newspaper reports.

He is also reported to have forwarded huge utility bills he has incurred to the Head Office ostensibly as bills incurred by the whole exhibition department, even though most of the work he did were private.

He was initially forced out of the Kanda office by the then Acting Director of the ISD, Francis Arthur. Consequently, the video unit was relocated to head office and Louis was as a result transferred.

When Mr Arthur left ISD, Louis returned to the Kanda premises and has moved into a metal container as his permanent residence.

Though on retirement for well over three years now, he has refused to vacate the premises and still use government utilities without paying, according to the Herald newspaper.

What most people find baffling is, why Louis, would rent out his own house in Madina and be living in a container, the newspaper adds.

Ironically, he also owns a four-wheel drive vehicle, which he usually parks under a mango tree by his container residence, the reported noted.