St Patrick Hospital suspends Muslim staff for taking break to observe Eid festivities

St. Patrick Hospital in Kpando, has come under scrutiny after a letter surfaced, indicating the suspension of Muslim staff for observing Eid festivities without prior permission.

St Patrick Hospital suspends staff

The letter, signed by the Administrator, Victor Ahedor, sanctioned several staff members with a two-week suspension without pay for leaving the Outpatient Department (OPD) vacant on Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

In an interview with one of the affected staff members, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that they had informed their Christian colleagues about their intention to observe Eid on April 10, having previously accommodated Christian staff during Christmas, New Year, and Easter celebrations. However, upon their return from Eid, they were met with suspension letters without any prior discussion or warning.


"I gave all the Christians some days off for their celebrations. so on 9th April, I also informed the Christian colleagues to come to work early because on 10th April, I will also go to Eid to Pray and they said okay. Not knowing they didn't come to work early and they were late before coming to work that day.

When I came back from Eid, no one asked me about anything or told me anything, and yesterday, they just brought me a letter of two weeks suspension without salary. The same thing applies to the other Muslims working at the hospital. I tried talking to the Administrator upon receiving the letter but he ignored me and entered a car and left."

The anonymous staff member further expressed frustration at the lack of response from the hospital's administration, stating that attempts to engage with the Administrator were ignored.

Describing the manner in which the suspension letter was delivered, they recounted how it was placed over their shoulder while attending to a patient, with the Administrator leaving abruptly without addressing their concerns.

In addition to the suspension, concerns were raised regarding the working conditions and benefits for staff at the hospital. The anonymous staff member highlighted issues such as low salaries, lack of annual leave, and unpaid contributions to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SNNIT), despite years of service.


"The Christian staff who were around me were also very unhappy about the letter served, especially for someone like me who has worked there for 19 years and is still being paid only 450gh. Even for annual leave, I have been refused leave for 19 years with the excuse that private hospitals don't give leave so If I take leave, I don't receive salary for that period.

A retirement plan like SNNIT is not even anything to write home about... for a long time, my SNNIT has not been paid." reached out to the hospital administrator, Victor Ahedor, for their side of the story but he declined to speak.

The incident has sparked conversations about religious accommodation and workplace policies.


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