She said the recent ethnic flames being stoked by the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) doesn’t bode well for the country.

According to her, Ghanaians do not care about what they do but they feel the repercussions so Ghanaians will not sit aloof and allow them to display their nonsense when their families are living their best of lives abroad.

“Our mothers who work at the Agbogbloshie Market and Asafo Markets and they only get monies to feed themselves and their families so do not care about what you people are doing. They do not care about the nonsense you’re displaying but when there’s any repercussion, it’s they who are going to feel it so stop your nonsense you’re displaying.”

“When you wake up you receive calls from parents and friends both in Ghana and Abroad during every election. Because of the fear and panic, these people always think the country cannot be safe and therefore sit on tenterhooks because they are not sure if there will be peace in the country during and after the elections. How did we bring Ghana to this level?” She asked

Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady
Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady

Commenting on KT Hammond’s comments that led to the several debates along the tribal line, she noted that KT Hammond is not a Communicator neither is her a member of the security and interior committee in parliament so she is shocked that the MP could make such comments and therefore asked that he be condemned.

She noted that but for COVID-19, these politicians would have been outside the country with their families, advising them not muddy the waters for Ghanaians who have only Ghana as their homes and cannot afford to leave the shores of the country.