Tollbooth PWDs threaten to occupy the street if...

All persons with disabilities (PWDs) who lost their jobs following the discontinuation of road toll collection have threatened to occupy the streets should the road tolls be reintroduced without them being re-employed.

Toll booth

According to the leader of the PWDs, Rashad Mahammed Rahmat, he organise his colleagues to occupy the streets because they have been jobless since the government closed down the toll booths.

He said "I am hoping that they open the tollbooth; 'walahi' I will go and lie down on the street if they don't employ us so that I will create a scene for the world to see that the government is not trying to help. What the government promised is a political talk."

In an interview on Accra-based 3FM, Rahmat said "Life is very unbearable and because of that I have developed a stomach ulcer but I can’t go on the street to beg too. If not for God and the intervention of some people, I would have committed suicide."

He also proposed that the persons with disabilities who were working at the toll booth could be grouped according to their professions or special skills to establish their firms and assisted with loans or grants to operate the businesses and employ others.


"If we are empowered to establish our businesses to make a living and give a comfortable life for our families, I think we would not even worry about the road toll collection again," he added.

He indicated that the PWDs are struggling to feed his family because they had not been paid and had no work to do.

The fate of the PWDs had been hanging in the balance for two months after the suspension of toll collection by the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

They appealed to the government to redeploy them and ensure the payment of their outstanding salaries.


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