5 common causes of Insomnia

Insomnia presents itself differently in humans, if you have the sleeping disorder these conditions may be just the reason it's getting worse.


Insomnia is a common sleep related problem. It's aptly defined as the "inability to get the amount of sleep you need to wake up feeling rested and refreshed".


Note that it varies from person to person when it comes to the amount of sleep needed to function properly. The hours of sleep that would keep person A rested and rejuvenated may differ (usually does) from person B's so it all depends on the person involved.

However, quick and common ways to know if you have insomnia are closely related to these signs:

- If you don't feel refreshed after waking up

-If you wake up too early without getting enough sleep (you will know if you've gotten enough sleep or not, the body tells you)

-If you find it hard to sleep even when tired

-If you have to rely on medications before you fall asleep

-You get fatigued, drowsy, not refreshed before getting into the day proper.

Below are common causes of insomnia:

1. Late night eating/snacking.

Eating too late into the night or right before you go to bed may make you uncomfortable making sleep difficult. In some people it could present itself in heartburns or plain physical discomfort.

2. Caffeine/Alcohol.

Coffee which includes caffeine and other drinks used as stimulants can keep refreshing sleep at bay. You should stay off caffeine if you difficulty sleeping.

3. Have a sleep schedule.

Try as much as possible to maintain a regular sleep pattern by going to bed around the same time each day so your body gets used to it.

4. Medications.

Some medicines interfere with sleep. Drugs to regulate blood pressure, anti depressants and more come with insomniac tendencies.

5. Stress

Stress is also a major cause of insomnia.

Change of environment, body temperature, constant travel and more can fuel insomnia, it's best to identify what triggers yours and deal with it accordingly.

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