"Will you give your car to your former experienced driver or the careless drivers mate" - Mahama to Ghanaians

Former Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama has called on citizens to prioritize experience and proven leadership qualities when making decisions about the country's future.

John Mahama

The statement comes as part of Mahama's ongoing efforts to engage with the public and share insights into what he believes will contribute to Ghana's growth and development.

During a recent address at the UPSA auditorium, Mahama emphasized the importance of selecting leaders with a track record of effective governance, drawing a compelling analogy to drive home his point. He urged Ghanaians to consider choosing a seasoned and experienced leader, likening it to selecting a former experienced driver over a less-experienced driver's mate.

The metaphor highlights Mahama's stance on the significance of leadership experience in navigating the complexities of governance and steering the nation toward progress. He urged citizens to critically assess the qualifications and track record of potential leaders, emphasizing the need to prioritize competence and a proven commitment to public service.

“The opportunity has come for us to rescue our nation from the incompetence and inept clueless administration of Nana Akufo-Addo and his driver’s mate. And so, on 7th December the driver is going and if the driver hasn’t been able to drive all these seven years he hasn’t driven properly, we are not going to hand over the car of Ghana to the driver’s mate.”


“If even the driver could not drive well how much less the driver’s mate. If you have a car and the driver didn’t drive well and so you are taking your car back, will you give it to your former experienced driver or you will give it to the careless driver’s mate? I will give it to the former experienced driver. I won’t give it to the driver’s mate,” he stated.

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