Software company unveils preview of Windows 10 SDK

Microsoft has announced the release of the first technical preview of the Windows 10 Software Developer Kit.

Windows 10 logo

This preview, though not the final release, is aimed at helping developers have a better grasp Microsoft’s idea for Universal Windows Apps, as they continue to work on finishing Windows 10.

A Universal App is one which can run across different form factors ,PC, tablet and smartphone, the code for the app is written only once and it is published to the Windows Store, downloadable across all the aforementioned form factors.

The key aspects Microsoft will like developers to explore of this preview release are:


If you are a developer, and you would like to experiment with this concept, here’s how you can get started:

Microsoft has also released tools for hardware developers to build, test, and deploy drivers for their hardware.

The company has made available a Windows Driver Kit and universal driver sample on GitHub.

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