The Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation,

He said he only makes recommendations to the President but not initiate the dismissal of Ministers.

Many believe the reshuffle must have been informed by recommendation from the Minister of Monitoring and Evaluation.READ ALSO: Nana Addo creates new ministries

But the sector minister told Joy News it will be “difficult” to suggest that the recent reshuffle was solely based on his assessment of the ministers.

“It will be difficult to tell [if my evaluation informed the reshuffle]. I was not evaluating persons per se. My evaluation deals with the collective responsibility of dealing with how best we are achieving results and what constraints are in place and how best we can remove the constraints so people can deliver", he said.

President Akufo-Addo yesterday conducted his first reshuffle that had 15 Ministers being assigned.

The reshuffle saw just one minister- Otiko Afisa Djaba losing her ministerial portfolio as Gender Minister but sent to Italy as Ghana’s Ambassador.Information Minister Mustapha Hamid has been moved to the Zongo development ministry while Boniface Abubakar Siddique who occupied that ministry will now move to Vice President’s Office as Minister of State.