Former President

Whilst in the country, Mahama will also preside over the signing of a Peace Pledge by the Presidential Candidates and hold separate meetings with the Candidates, the Electoral Commission, Police Chief and Sierra Leone’s Donor Partners.

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The Sierra Leonian election has 16 political parties contesting the presidency.

Mahama's work in Sierra Leone  comes after his lead role during the ECOWAS Observer Mission’s monitoring of the largely peaceful Liberia election, in which football legend, George Weah, replaced Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Head of State.

He also led a Commonwealth Observer mission to monitor the elections in Kenya, which were later overturned by the Supreme Court following alleged malpractices.

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Mahama, alongside other observer groups, declared the August 8, 2017 elections which the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta won, as free and fair, despite the irregularities as alleged by Kenya's opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

Odinga has since gone on to declare himself the people’s president at a controversial ceremony in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.