Godfred Dame's woes deepen as businesswoman petitions Appointments Committee to disqualify him

The woes of the Minister-designate of Justice and Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame has deepened.

Godfred Yeboah Dame

A businesswoman has petitioned the Appointments Committee of Parliament to disqualify his nomination.

The woman known as Freda Darko in her petition said Godfred Dame is "vicious and cannot be in charge of the country's Justice Ministry."

She said Godfred Dame should be disqualified because his [Godfred Dame] deliberate actions infringe on her fundamental human rights.

The petitioner stated: "Mr. Chairman, I respectfully write to your office for the disqualification of Mr. Godfred Dame as the newly-appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice by the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, due to his deliberate actions which continue to infringe on my fundamental human rights.

"About 21 years ago, I purchased a parcel of land at Clinton Street, Shiashe, named as plot 187, 188, and 189, also known as 10, 12, and 13. Mr. Godfred Dame used the law firm of the President of Ghana, Akuffo Addo Prempeh and Co, with his client Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie, and took my former husband Joseph Manu to court; and secured judgment on the 2nd day of July 2009, before his Lordship N.M.C Abodakpi J., to take part of the land I was in possession and have legal documents of ownership, which is plot 189, also known as 13, which he said was in boundary with plot 12."

She added: "The court gave judgment in their favour and awarded general damage for trespass assessed at GHS50,000.00 and cost of GHS2,000.00 was awarded in favour of the plaintiff. The judgment of the court is attached (marked as 'Exhibit FD1'). My former husband Joseph Manu filed a motion on notice to set aside execution, dated 14/10/2010 because bailiffs of the court carried out a wrongful execution with the intention to attach two other plots that were not the subject matter of the suit, namely plots no.187 and 188, also known as plot 10 and 12”.

"The court on the 2nd Day of November 2010, made an order to set aside the wrongful execution carried out by the bailiffs of the court on the 14/10/2010. The motion on notice to set aside the execution on the 14/10/2010, and the order of the court dated the 2nd day of November 2010, by his Lordship Mr. N.M.C Abodakpi are attached; presented as' Exhibit FD2 and Exhibit FD3'."

The petitioner further said: "Mr. Chairman to my utmost surprise, Mr Godfred Dame and his client Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie, filed a motion on notice application for review, of the order of the court dated 2nd day of November 2010, averred that the land in respect of which execution was carried out was one piece of land and not three different plots of land, and he brought affidavit to the court which was sworn by Mrs. Comfort Korkor Kwashie's Attorney, Nene Kwashie and was signed by her son Sam Kwashie. In their affidavit, and with the intention to take the other part of the land, He changed the boundary of plot 13 in boundary with plot 12, and said plot 13 was bounded on the North and West by plots of land numbered "10" and "11", so, his client is the owner of the three plots.

"Mr. Chairman, respectfully, if someone's plot is in boundary with another plot, does it mean the person is the owner of the plot he shares a boundary with? This shows how vicious Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame is."

She also alleged that the AG-designate got access to her bank account details and secured a garnishee order on her account.

"Mr. Godfred Dame managed to secure an order to garnishee my accounts, to retrieve the money which was awarded to his client in a suit I was not a party to. I am still in shock as to where and how he managed to get my account details. This shows how vicious he is."

Earlier, some aggrieved customers of the embattled gold collectibles firm, Menzgold Ghana Limited have written to Parliament asking the Appointments Committee not to approve Godfred Yeboah Dame as the Attorney-General.

The customers said Godfred Dame who served as the Deputy Attorney-General has failed to take critical action on major issues that were brought to the attention of the ministry.

The customers known as the Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of Menzgold Ghana (CACM) said: "even though Mr. Dame was not the substantive head of the AG at the time, his approach to the professionals and stakeholders who visited him in relation to the Menzgold matter was laissez-faire, non-committal and dismissive."

Godfred Dame is scheduled to be vetted on Friday, February 12, 2021.


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