The Director of Operations at the Presidency, Mr Lord Commey, has rubbished claims that he has been sacked.

But Mr Commey has argued that his opponents are behind such claims as he is not giving them the chance to distract him from his duties.

“People say I’m stubborn and yes I’m stubborn because President Akufo-Addo has confidence in me and that’s why he appointed me. And anyone that will frustrate your work to prevent you from achieving your goals must be crushed or else you won’t get there,” he told Accra-based Asempa FM.

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“In the performance of your duties you might step on some toes, which is accepted. You can even deliberately step on toes to achieve results and apologise afterwards because we need to get results. If that is why people are badmouthing me then too bad and that is unfortunate, but that will not deter me from doing what I have to do and have been doing in this country’s politics for the past 25 years,” Mr. Commey said.

He added that “In spite of all the criticism, they also agree I’m good at my job. So please it’s an appeal to all Ghanaians that at this stage of the new change, the assurance is we wouldn’t do anything to disappoint Ghanaians.”