President Nana Akufo-Addo has said the office of special prosecutor will be created despite moves in parliament to delay the creation of the office.

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He said: “The institute for dealing with corruption in a non-partisan, objective and impartial manner; the office of the Special Prosecutor, there will be a lot of parliamentary moves to try and delay its coming into being. But I want to tell those who are interested in dealing it is that it will come. It will come”

“It will be manned by those who are capable of doing justice to the office and those who are committed to fight against corruption in the country."

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The president had earlier warned his appointees that they will be investigated if any act of corruption is levelled against them.

According to the president, he has directed the security agencies to investigate any officials of his government accused of corruption, adding that those who make the allegation must be ready to substantiate.