Pentecost chair rips into politicians over 'big promises'

Speaking biblically, he advised leaders not to dissipate the nation's resource for their personal gains, adding that it amounts to "disturbing the nation."


“Politicians, the big…big promises tailor them down. Do what your ability can because you are disturbing the nation,” he said Friday during the 12th Annual Thanks Giving Service of the Jospong Group of Companies.

READ MORE: Energy Minister justifies GH¢100 million streetlight contract to Ken Agyapong’s wife“You are disturbing us too much. Do the little that you can do in all humility and give Ghana some space to grow,” he stressed.

“May I advise our brothers, our politicians, our ministers that don’t eat the grains today, it is for the future. Sow them. It is not for you. Ghana is not your own, we are still in the sowing business," he said.


He continued: “So, if our politicians and our pastors will begin to ride in the best of cars, begin to have all the grains, they want to do whatever they want to do with the little resources that Ghana has we shall be struggling. We will be disturbing ourselves in the nation. Let’s learn to crawl, walk and then we can fly,” he admonished.“I pray that God will help us and bestow on us the patience the Israelites had. They say that they are sowing in tears and they are going to reap in joy. If we are sowing, let’s us sow in tears with the hope that we will reap in joy.“But, if we want to eat the very seed that we have to sow then we should forget about tomorrow. We will be frustrating our children and our children’s children.”He also  called on the Ghanaian to be patient and allow the country’s developmental cycle to take a natural course.

“Ghana cannot become America in a day. Sometimes we are too impatient as Ghanaians. We cannot become America in a day, in a year. So sometimes we have been disturbing ourselves and our politicians too disturb us.

“We cannot have Ghana to become America tomorrow, we need some kind of patience, we need to put what is supposed to be put down into the ground, and then we wait patiently for the yield. This is what we lack as Ghanaians. This is what we lack. We are so impatient.”“Ghana will grow but it will take the righteous people who will sacrifice and decide not to eat the grains. We don’t want politicians who will eat all the grains and leave us starving. Our politicians should have all the sympathy to sow against the future,” he said.


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