Law Lecturer, Moses Foh-Amoaning has hit hard at the Board Chairman of Amnesty International Ghana for his stance on homosexuality in Ghana.

Mr George Aggrey, the Board Chair of the Human Rights Group believes that it will be wrong for Ghana to amend its laws to completely ban homosexuality and make it illegal.

“Everyone has their freedom and rights and must not be shattered by any law. Our position is that it is a right for every individual to practice what they want. If the person thinks homosexuality is good, allow the person to practice it. That is their right,” he said.

“If our culture is against gayism, then we must educate our children when they are young to abstain. If the person is above 18, then you can’t force the person to stop that in any way. There’s no law in Ghana that is against homosexuality, there is no law,” he noted.

But law lecturer and ace broadcaster, Mr Foh-Amoaning who holds a different view on the matter subsequently launched some personal attacks on Mr Aggrey, describing him as a homosexual.

“You are a grown up person, were you taught by your parents to have sex through your anus? Are you gay? Do you have sex through your anus? Why are you lying to Ghanaians that homosexuality is good?” Moses Foh-Amoaning asked.

“There are laws in Ghana and homosexuality is not accepted in our culture. Inasmuch as we have our rights, we don’t have the right to do everything. Can I have sex with my mother because I have my right? Mr Aggrey, you are a disgrace to your own family.”

“Mr. Aggrey is a homosexual and lying to Ghanaians. I am putting it to you [Aggrey] that you are practising gayism. You are a disgrace to your family. How can you admit anal sex is a right,” he said on Accra-based Neat FM.

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Mike Oquaye on Monday, February 20, 2017, called for the amendment of the country’s laws to completely ban homosexuality and make it illegal.

He said: “It is unfortunate that people have become so liberal that they will want to liberalise Christianity…even priests are approving of homosexuality and allowing a man and a man [to] marry, a woman and a woman [to] marry and these are manifest abominations.”

“I trust that with your kind of insistence, the Parliament of Ghana…will find its way clear in strengthening the laws to ban homosexuality as they exist. As for this, may God forbid that it becomes a Ghanaian culture,” he added.