When a visitor comes around, the man of the house will willingly give his wife to the guest to spend the night with.

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This for one simple reason that any member of Team Mafisi wouldn’t pass.

According to the Guardian, members of this tribe have an interesting way of showing their ‘hospitality’ to their guests.


Apparently, when a visitor comes around, the man of the house will show his approval and pleasure of seeing his guest by giving him the Okujepisa Omukazendu treatment.

This practice literally means that the man willingly gives his wife to his guest to spend the night with, while he – the husband – sleeps in another room.

What’s more, in a case where there is no available room, the husband will sleep outside.


The woman has little or no opinion in the decision making. Submission to her husband comes first.

She has an option of refusing to sleep with the visitor but has to sleep in the same room.

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The woman is also entitled to give her visiting friends to her husband, although this rarely happens.

The ‘benefits’ of this tradition include reducing jealousy and fostering relationships.

Credit: Nation.co.ke