AFCON 2023: Morocco vs South Africa – 5 key things to watch

As the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 progresses, a highly anticipated encounter is set to unfold between two of Africa's footballing heavyweights: Morocco and South Africa in the last games of the Round of 16.

Morocco vs South Africa

This match is not just a test of skill and strategy but also a celebration of the diverse footballing cultures that embody the spirit of AFCON.

Morocco, with their technical finesse and disciplined approach, face off against South Africa's energetic and fast-paced style, promising a clash that is as much a tactical battle as it is a showcase of African football's unique flair.

As fans around the continent and the world tune in, this game stands out as a highlight of the tournament, offering a glimpse into the tactical depth, individual brilliance, and passionate play that define AFCON.

The stakes are high, the anticipation is palpable, and the stage is set for an unforgettable match that epitomizes the best of African football.


Contrasting Styles of Play: Morocco and South Africa have distinct footballing philosophies. Morocco, known for their technical skill and tactical discipline, often dominate possession and play a more controlled game. South Africa, on the other hand, is celebrated for their speed, athleticism, and counter-attacking prowess. How these contrasting styles clash on the field will be fascinating to see.

The Coaching Duel: Walid Regragui for Morocco and Hugo Broos for South Africa are both experienced coaches with impressive track records. Their tactical acumen and ability to adapt during the game will be crucial. It will be interesting to see how they set up their teams and adjust their strategies throughout the match.

Key Players to Watch: For Morocco, players like Hakim Ziyech, if he's playing, are crucial for their attacking threat, while Romain Saïss anchors their defense. South Africa's hopes could rest on the shoulders of players like Percy Tau, whose pace and skill can unsettle any defense. The performance of these key players could very well decide the outcome of the match.

Set-Piece Efficiency: Both teams have shown proficiency in set-pieces. Morocco's technical skill set could give them an edge in dead-ball situations, while South Africa’s physical presence makes them a threat in the air. Goals from set-pieces could be a decisive factor in this match.


Impact of Substitutes: In a tournament where fatigue and strategy play a big role, the impact of substitutes cannot be underestimated. The timing and choice of substitutions by both coaches could swing the game in their favor, especially in the latter stages of the match.


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