Ghana will take on Guinea Bissau in their final Group F game on Tuesday and if they want to realise their quest to reach the knockout stage and probably win the title, they have to beat the African Wild Dogs to automatically qualify as runners-up

Or better still top the group should Cameroon’s clash against Benin end in a scoreless draw or a defeat for the five times champions of Africa.

As it stands now Cameroon have the upper hand to finish on top of Group F and should Ghana pick the runners-up spot, they will face their West African rivals Cameroon.

Ghana will take on the winner of Group E which has Mali, Tunisia, Angola and Mauritania. With a game left Mali are leading the pack with four points, whereas Tunisia and Angola have two points apiece, with Mauritania in fourth place with just a point.

In a worst-case scenario when Ghana draw against minnows, Guinea Bissau they can still qualify as one of the four teams with a best third-place finish.

In this instance, they will face off against winners of Group D which has Morocco, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Namibia.

Namibia are already out of the competition with a game to spare, so the battle for the top spot is between Morocco the group leaders with six points and Ivory Coast and South Africa who have three points apiece.