Sergio Ramos uses birth of his third child for a UNICEF campaign

Sergio Ramos takes advantage of the birth if his new child to plead fans to support needy children

Sergio Ramos welcomed his third child named Alejandro child earlier this week.

Ramos’ girlfriend Pilar Rubio was discharged and the rest of the family which comprises of Alejandro’s elder brothers Sergio Jnr and Marcos joined in lovely photo.

Sergio Ramos took to Instagram with a picture of his family dressed in a UNICEF T-shirt as he announced that his third son was born well and healthy.

He also seized the opportunity to make reference to his charity work

Alejandro has been born strong and healthy, and this makes us incredibly happy,'

'But we can’t forget about the 7,000 children that aren’t this lucky and that die each day due to avoidable reasons. This breaks my heart. We can’t sit still and do nothing!'

'I’ve been a Unicef Ambassador for years, and my family and I collaborate with them so that they can continue saving lives. I’m asking you to contribute too, so that more children have more opportunities: because the life of every child counts.'

Real Madrid will then prepare to face Las Palmas after the international break on 31 March before playing Juventus on 3rd April,2018 in the UEFA Champions League.

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