The best sports to bet on

Sports betting has quickly become a vastly popular commodity for American audiences to enjoy whilst watching their favorite star players and teams in action no matter what sport that they have an interest in following ahead of an upcoming game or the beginning of a new season.

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With a number of US states now altering their laws surrounding any related gambling activities, the sports betting scene has since entered a rejuvenated stage of continuous development and investment from a variety of audiences who have since expressed their enjoyment in placing wagers on a number of their favorite sporting events and encounters.

There are now numerous sportsbooks that have since moved into full operation to provide its punters with a wide array of popular sporting competitions that they can wager on throughout the entire calendar year.

While it is admirable that fans can pick and choose as to which sports that they may have a bested interest in wagering with, there are many individual aspects and factors that surround a selective group of sports that sets them apart from other rivalling events as the premier choice for all punters to place wagers on.

For any sports fan who is interested in setting up a potential wager on any of the upcoming sporting events, here are some of the top sports that more experienced betting fans will always be sure to place a bet on as well as the inclusion of some of the next impending events that are sure to attract any fans attention.

  • Horse Racing:

There is no denying that horse racing has remained the pinnacle sport for betting due to the historical traditions and culture of wagering at any racing events with fans still flocking out to the various racing venues in the tens of thousands ahead of race day.

Horse racing betting has remained an integral part of all sportsbook listings, such as the offers available on DraftKings, which has included several odds for a variety of the top upcoming events spread across the entire calendar year.

2024 already has plenty of eagerly anticipated racing events for sports fans to look forward to which includes the illustrious Triple Crown, which is made up of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, all of which are all ranked amongst the most prestigious competitions in all of professional sports.

Overall, there is no greater stage for players to test their luck for any sporting experience compared to horse racing due to its great lineage of history as well as its near endless tradition of wagering that sets this sport apart from its predecessors.

  • Basketball:

There are many different levels of basketball leagues and encounters that fans can enjoy on a regular occurrence, with the game’s most distinguished league being the NBA.

This competition regularly hosts some of the best players in the world today as well as several impressive plays that can certainly result in big winnings in the betting department, which leaves basketball as arguably the most profitable sport to bet on.

Basketball offers sport fans everything that they could possibility desire when it comes to action-packed encounters that can certainly go straight down to the wire, as well as end-to-end play that is perfect for punters to wager on.

The overall unpredictability and high intensity outcomes that are often present in a variety of basketball games can add a further layer of drama and suspense which many other sports often struggle to replicate, which can only make for a basketball wager to result in a much more unexpected outcome and a perfect competitive experience that all sports fans can enjoy.

  • Soccer:

Speaking of sports that have a global impact and a wide variety of leagues to wager on, it does not come any bigger than soccer/football which is the world’s most widely played and most popular sport.

What makes soccer such a great sport for fans to bet on ahead of kick off is its endless variety of games that are usually always available for viewing as well as its wealth of competitive odds that many other sports fail to provide.

Fans will be quick to voice their excitement surrounding the closing few months of the active domestic league season for various competitions such as the Premier League, LaLiga and Bundesliga among others, with the UEFA Champions League and Europa League now moving into the Knockout Stages.

International football can also set soccer apart from other sports with the 2024 UEFA Euros set to begin later this summer and the 2026 FIFA World Cup also on the horizon which of course will take place at various different venues across the entire continent of North America.


To conclude, there is a great amount of variety and unique but competitive odds that set some sports apart from others when it comes to wagering, with the intensity and end-to-end cycle of each sport also being a key contributing factor behind their continuous interest from sports punters every game week.

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