President Nana Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians of brighter days ahead in his Christmas message to Ghanaians.

“I am aware of the many challenges that confronted Ghanaians this year. We should not see the economic difficulties of today as the blueprint of our tomorrow. There are brighter days ahead. We should continue to stay united and focus on the things that can help us construct the road to our brighter future,” the president said in his Christmas message to all Ghanaians.

“I assure you I am going to devote all my energy towards creating a free and prosperous society of opportunities where every Ghanaian child no matter the circumstances of their birth has a fair chance to strive for a happy and dignified life."And where we can unleash the enterprise and creativity of our people so that we can build a progressive and prosperous Ghana whose citizens live in harmony and security,” he said.

He further urged Christians to “remain committed to the cardinal principles of Christianity- Love charity and reconciliation,” in this festive season.

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