The Homestores is the perfect place to hide in Lagos

While Lagos is known for how it is busy non-stop and lots of traffic, there are places you can escape to like the Homestores.

The Homestores isn't a place many living in or out of Lagos are very familiar with and for a very good reason. it is quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle that the Lagos metropolis is known for.

It is located somewhere along the streets of Victoria Island and surrounded by other places to eat and shop. While it may be tucked away from prying eyes and loud noises it is certainly not something to be kept a secret for long after a visit to it.

What is the Homestores?


The Homestores is a combination of three things which are an art gallery, a cafe, and a shop.

The art gallery, which is called Alexis gallery, is filled with 80% of its pieces by Nigerian artists and 20% collected from other West African countries. The cafe, which is called the Art Cafe, is a tranquil space where you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors and still enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Lastly, there is the shop underneath the Art Cafe where art pieces that are both functional and decorative are on sale.

What is there to do at The Homestores?

The Homestores may not be the ideal spot for visitors looking for a quick rush of adrenaline but it definitely has a few fun things to do.

You can choose simply to just sit and choose a cup of coffee from their menu while you socialize. Or go downstairs and do some window shopping in the shop below before deciding to head to the art gallery to admire the creativity and expression in art made by Nigerians.


If you are a little more uptight and have a ton of work stacked up in your emails, you can decide to ditch the art gallery and shop. You can opt to sit at the Art Cafe while using the WiFi provided to get some work done. There are sockets also provided so you need not worry about running out of battery.

What are the prices and charges?

While it is completely free to use the facilities like WiFi and seating, they have a menu for drinks which include alcoholic-based drinks and a wide range of coffee options to choose from.

A little heads up; Everything picked from the menu, both food and drinks may cost a little on the high side, however, they are still relatively affordable.


Entry into the art gallery as well as the shop is also free of charge unless you decide to make a purchase.

Why would anyone want to come to The Homestores?

There are a lot of places to go to in Lagos and new spots are constantly being opened on a regular basis. In a pool of overwhelming options, the Homestores stands out because it is different and has a personality of its own.

Everywhere you look, you are sure to spot something interesting, from bottle lampshades to tables that are made from recycled metal parts. It is an overall different experience to the usual sophisticated and squeaky clean feel that other locations in Lagos strive to have.

Also, the music that plays in the Art Cafe is subtle and appropriate which is definitely a win compared to other locations where you have to raise your voice to converse with other people.


What observations were made?

While The Homestores is a great place to relax it is worth noting that it is not wheelchair friendly as there are stairs which lead to the Art Cafe. Also, the art shop is definitely going to be a tight squeeze with objects falling if you attempted to fit a wheelchair in.

Secondly, I had no idea that the Alexis gallery hosted 8 exhibitions every year or that the gallery even existed at the back. I would love to see more information circulated about it both online and offline. This also applies to the art shop which unless you by chance asked a waitress or ventured downstairs from the Art Cafe, you would have no idea of the treasure chest that lay below.


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