• The most popular method of pouring beer by many people is completely wrong. And this has health implications.

It turns out that the most popular method of pouring beer by many people is completely wrong. What you might not know is that this has health implications.

When you pour a beer into a glass cup with little or no foam, experts say it is completely wrong.

According to Maxx Bakker, a trained professional who works in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry specializing in the service and knowledge of beer, pouring beer wrongly can lead to stomach problems.

Bakker, Anheuser-Busch InBev educator, and master cicerone shares his experience on the best way to serve beer and remain healthy.

What then is the proper way to pour your beer into a glass cup? Find out.

1. Beer is carbonated and whenever you are pouring it, remember that there is a need to release the carbonate into the glass with every pour.

2. When someone pours you a beer or you pour yourself a beer and no foam is formed, you have succeeded in not releasing the carbonate.

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3. Now when you eat anything after drinking in this manner, you get all bloated because the amount of CO2 which you or the server failed to release while pouring the beer and preventing it to foam, will all be released in your stomach.

4. However, when you pour your beer or a server pours you a beer which forms a foam on it, you or the server have succeeded in releasing a larger percentage of the CO2 in the beer.

5. Hence when next you have a beer, ensure you request for a glass cup and also ensure you pour with vigour to release the CO2 in the beer before gulping it down. By doing this, you would prevent your stomach from being bloated.