9 jobs in Ghana you can start using just $18 (100 cedis) or less

Business is not all about the billion-dollar deals you get. Sometimes, you have to make do with what you have and turn that little into billions.

9 jobs in Ghana you can start using just $18 (100 cedis) dollars or less

The $18 dollars (GH₵100) you save to start a business today can put you well on your way to becoming the next Bill Gates or the next Aliko Dangote.

Here are 10 jobs in Ghana you can start using just $18 (100 cedis) dollars or even less

1. Social Media Account Manager

A lot more companies are making good use of social media and therefore, the need for professional people to manage social media accounts is critical. You can do this job even on your phone.


Just invest in some good reliable internet service and you’re set to go. Plus, you’re online practically always anyways so you lose nothing but gain a lot.

2. Consulting

If you have knowledge or expertise in a particular field, you can easily start your own consulting agency to offer advice to others for a fee.


All you need is online presence and business cards to promote your agency.

3. Soap Production

This is a very viable business which doesn’t cost a lot of money. Once you get the training, the products and chemicals you need to start production are not that expensive.

You can start small with 100 and increase as demand increases. You can even start with our local soap popularly known as ‘Alata Samina’, put it in a container, brand it and you’re ready to go.


4. Tutoring

Many students have issues or need assistance in one subject or the other, therefore, if you’re very good in a particular subject why not start extra classes for them and make money?

This actually requires very little or no capital at all.

5. Grocery Shopping


Just like cooking for people, you can also do grocery shopping for homes at a fee. You need little to no capital to start this. You just get their shopping list, money and go get them the stuff and take your money.

To get more clients and beat your competition, you can invest a little money to promote your business and network.

6. Prepare Homemade Food for Workers

A lot of people do not have time to cook due to work, therefore, they get other people to cook


7. School Barbering

Have you thought of getting your clipper and going to boarding schools to give them haircuts on weekends?

These students are not allowed to step out, therefore, you can arrange with the school authorities and go there on weekends to give them haircuts. That’s money staring at you right there.


8. Bead Making

Bead making is a very delicate enterprise which needs training but what does it take to put together a beads bracelet?

All you need is the cord and beads which you can get for less than $18 dollars (100 Ghana cedis). You can learn how to do this by observing someone who does one.

9. Upscale Shoe Shining


No one is actually into this yet. Have you thought of sending your shoe shining business to offices? Most corporate guys send messengers to go out and shine their shoes for them, what if you come over there and shine for them morning or afternoon?

You can charge more than what is usually charged yet you don’t need much money to do this.


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