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Adventurous Journeys Top 4 questions you must ask yourself before moving overseas

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Don't forget to answer these questions before moving abroad

play Check those luggage limits before you arrive. ( Koby Gideon )

Generally, getting around Europe is a struggle, but it’s just as tough to cross borders in our own continent.

I have lived in Ghana all my life and each time happened to be around embassies in town, there’s always so many people, so much activity and streams of anxious visa applicants hoping to leave the country.

Lots of Africans believe that grass is greener overseas, so we do all we can to cross the bridge.

Do you hope to join the last group and one day move overseas? If so, here are four questions to ask yourself before you apply for that visa.

Why Am I Moving?

This is the most important question: get this one wrong and the others won’t make sense either. Many young people are easily influenced by what their peers do. Moving overseas may be seen as an adventure until they hit the rocks.

What Am I Going To Do?

Without a plan, you may end up somewhere you don’t want to be. Most people who move overseas just for the sake of going “somewhere different” end up not any different or even worse off than if they had stayed home. Are you going to school? Stay focused on that. Are you going for a spouse hunt or a new beginning somewhere else?

Where Am I Moving To?

Depending on your objective of moving, your location should meet that need. Checking out your options on the Internet is great, but many have been disappointed to find out that what they found on the ground wasn’t what they saw online.

If My Plan Doesn’t Work Out?

Many Africans are very hopeful: even in the midst of trouble and tragedy, you hear many say “It is well.” Unlike those from the West who often have a Plan B, we always hope our plans work. However, you have to have a second plan in case things don't fall right.