5 common mistakes you make at the workplace that you need to stop

You should stop these if you want to grow your career.

Your supervisor is rarely the one who keeps track of your conduct.

Recruiters, human resource managers, talent managers etc., are the ones that do and their parameters for judging employee behaviour are within a set of rules less to your professional skills and more to the company's code of conduct.

While that's going on, your seniors and peers also monitor your behaviour and if you come up short, you could cost yourself a promotion, or a raise and at worst, your job.

1. Under-delivering

This is chief among workplace sins. Your role has already been described. It's always best to be honest about what you can achieve rather than fail to meet the goals set every single day. If allowances can't be made for you, try to get to work a bit earlier to make sure you deliver or ask for assistance from your peers.

2. Making it hard for people to work

This consists of generally being an a**hole. You are unapproachable, negative, yell at people, belittle their work, call people names and have even made people cry or threaten to quit. In most companies, this is known as "emotional hijacking" according to Huffpost and it can easily get you fired.

3. Being a boot licker

This when you always suck up to your boss to levels that make it uncomfortable for your workmates. Be friendly and respectful to everyone. Be proactive, not a reactive runaway who takes every little issue to the seniors so as to get noticed. Don't step on people's toes to impress your boss.

4. Gossiping

This leads to embellishments and tarnishing of people's reputations at work. The price of momentary entertainment can become very costly when the stories eventually get revealed.

5. Announcing that you hate your job

This is something your employers don't need to know. If you're biding your time until you get a better offer, keep your mouth shut, your attitude in check and share your work-related grievances in a mature manner. Nay-saying can also affect morale of your peers and this is discouraged by employers.


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