The report further revealed that there were 14 workers searching for work for every 10-job opening.

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According to the research, the job prospects in the health care and social assistance field are a lot better than in others: There are significantly more job openings than people looking for jobs in rough ratio of 910,000:610,000.

The situation is the same in professional/business services with a 893,000: 1.08 million ratio, which includes many white-collar jobs, including managers, attorneys and consultants.

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The finance and insurance industries show wide opportunities for industry players with the stakes at 161,000 job seekers versus 254,000 job openings.

According to Elise Gould, a senior economist with EPI, this suggests a “better prospects” for job seekers in these industries,— though she cautions that not all job openings will actually yield a job for a worker.bassy

However, in all but three of the industries measured, there are still more unemployed people than job openings in the world especially in underdeveloped countries.

In the construction industry for example, there are 4.3 unemployed workers for each job opening, and in the arts, leisure and entertainment industry, there were 2.8 unemployed workers for each job opening.

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These figures suggest that people in these industries may have a harder time securing work should they quit or get laid off from their jobs.

The African perspective looks a bit shaky especially in countries with electrical power and political instability which are likely to scare investors away thereby further shrinking the employment opportunities.

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