In 2020, Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu Ekuful, revealed that the use of the common Platform managed by Kelni GVG had saved the nation some 1.5 billion cedis in undeclared taxes by telcos.

That address on the floor of parliament in August 2020, however, courted strong reservations from the telecommunication companies who denied the claim.

The Ghana Revenue Authority on its own says it is using the call data records to confirm if some telcos have under-declared taxes.

Commissioner General, Amishadai Owusu Ansah, told journalists that the work of KELNI GVG focuses on what is recorded.

“Based on what Kelni GVG is doing, they ensure that when they give us the data there are no gaps. Now we’re going back to the previous years to check based on the data they’ve given us if there are any gaps from the previous years. After our analysis, if we find any taxes they have to pay, we will collect it” he added.

Mr Owusu Ansah also revealed that their ring road office complex which was burnt in 2019 will be reopened for business in March. According to him, the GRA’s insurance company has finalized all payments which will speed up renovation works on the facility.