Top 10 African countries with internet freedom

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  • South Africa leads the top 10 African countries with internet freedom, scoring 73 in the Freedom House Index.
  • Kenya, Ghana, and Tunisia follow closely, securing scores of 68, 64, and 61, respectively.
  • Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Gambia, and Morocco also make the list, showcasing their commitment to digital liberties.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the quest for internet freedom remains a significant pursuit for African nations. Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, connectivity, and progress, several countries have emerged as torchbearers of internet freedom on the continent. Drawing upon the Freedom House Index's 2022 rankings, we present the top 10 African countries that have embraced the power of the web, enabling their citizens to navigate the digital realm with liberty and expression.

These ten African nations, each with unique strides in internet freedom, demonstrate the continent's commitment to digital progress. From empowering citizens to fostering innovation and embracing the transformative power of the internet, these countries pave the way for an inclusive and connected Africa, where digital liberties flourish and shape the future of the continent.

Top 10 African Countries with Internet Freedom

  1. South Africa (Score: 73): Radiating at the forefront of internet freedom, South Africa takes the lead. With a remarkable score of 73, the Rainbow Nation champions digital rights, providing a platform for its citizens to share their voices, access information freely, and foster innovation.
  2. Kenya (Score: 68): Kenya surges forward, securing the second position with a commendable score of 68. This East African nation has harnessed the potential of the internet, empowering its people to create, connect, and engage in a thriving online community. From e-commerce to civic participation, Kenya thrives as a beacon of digital advancement.
  3. Ghana (Score: 64): Ghana strides confidently as a stronghold of internet freedom, achieving a score of 64. Nurturing a digital ecosystem grounded in openness, Ghana fosters an inclusive online community that values freedom of expression, digital literacy, and unrestricted access to information.
  4. Tunisia (Score: 61): Tunisia makes its mark as a trailblazer in digital liberties, securing a score of 61. Despite enduring challenges, this North African nation remains committed to cultivating an environment where citizens can freely express themselves, engage in online discourse, and shape their collective future.
  5. Angola (Score: 61): With a score equal to Tunisia, Angola emerges as a rising star in the realm of internet freedom. Embracing the transformative power of the internet, Angola's commitment to dismantling barriers has allowed its citizens to unleash their digital potential, fostering connectivity and innovation across the nation.
  6. Zambia (Score: 58): Zambia surges forward, notching a score of 58. With a focus on expanding internet access and nurturing digital literacy, the country embraces technology as a catalyst for social and economic advancement, ensuring its citizens reap the benefits of a connected world.
  7. Malawi (Score: 57): Malawi demonstrates its dedication to internet freedom, garnering a score of 57. Recognising the transformative role of the internet, the nation empowers its citizens, particularly the youth, with access to information, education, and opportunities, paving the way for a prosperous digital future.
  8. Nigeria (Score: 57): Nigeria forges ahead, sharing the same score as Malawi. With its vibrant online community, Nigeria embraces digital rights, fostering an environment that stimulates creativity, innovation, and free expression, while nurturing a thriving digital economy.
  9. Gambia (Score: 56): Gambia proudly stands among the African nations championing internet freedom, boasting a score of 56. The country's commitment to unrestricted access to information and digital rights creates an oasis of free expression and open dialogue in West Africa.
  10. Morocco (Score: 51): Closing our list, Morocco captures the essence of embracing digital opportunities, securing a score of 51. The country's dedication to expanding internet access and fostering digital innovation allows its citizens to thrive in the interconnected world.

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