Top 5 biggest eCommerce startups in Sub-Saharan Africa

Top 5 biggest eCommerce startups in Africa
  • eCcommerce in Sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing significant growth in recent times, a positive indicator for stakeholders.
  • Some of the region's most successful eCommerce startups are located in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.
  • More growth is expected in the African eCommerce ecosystem, thanks to certain factors that are enabling it.
  • Note that this list is compiled using latest stats by Statista.

According to California-based mobile marketing analytics firm, AppsFlyer, eCommerce in Sub-Saharan Africa witnessed considerable growth in 2021. There was a 55% increase in online retail spending, even as the volume of downloads and installation of eCommerce apps on Android and iOS also grew, standing at 55% and 32%, respectively.

These are very interesting indicators for Africa's rather nascent eCommerce ecosystem. Even more interesting is the fact that the growth trajectory is expected to continue, due to certain factors. According to Statista, some of these factors are:

  • Africa's tech-savvy young population
  • Africa's rapidly growing internet penetration and
  • The availability of widespread digital payment startups that are enabling eCommerce on the continent.

It is, perhaps, not very surprisingly that majority of the leading eCommerce companies in Africa are located in some of the continent's major economies –South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Daniel Junowicz, the Regional VP for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Appsflyer, said this during an interview:

"Basically, we have seen the growth come in from three main countries in Africa. We've seen South Africa growing really nice, Nigeria and Kenya. These three countries are leading the way."

Here are the top 5 biggest eCommerce in Africa according to Statista

Let us now take a closer look at the top five biggest eCommerce companies across Africa. Note that the main metrics used for selecting these top five eCommerce platforms are mainly their website traffic and engagement, as reported by Statista. The report is dated 2021.

  1. Jumia: According to Statista, Jumia received the largest web traffic in 2021 compared to all the other eCommerce platform in Africa. The company's monthly visits during the period under review was reported at 23.3 million.
  2. This South African e-commerce platform is the second most visited eCommerce platform in Africa, with an average monthly visit of 10.5 million.
  3. Konga: This Lagos-based e-commerce platform is the next one on the list. Data tracked by Statista put the number of monthly website visits to the Konga website at 2.3 million.
  4. This is another South African eCommerce company. The platform recorded an average of 1.9 million unique visitors per month during the period under review.
  5. Lastly on this list is yet another South African eCommerce platform whose monthly traffic stood at 570, 000, as of 2021.


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