Pet Insure: A first of its kind policy in Ghana by Enterprise Insurance & KEK Brokers

Enterprise Insurance, the leading private non-life insurance company in Ghana has partnered with KEK Insurance Brokers to offer unique and exciting insurance products to their customers. Among the products is the Enterprise Pet Insurance, the first of its kind in the Ghanaian insurance market.

Pet Insure: A first of its kind policy in Ghana by Enterprise Insurance & KEK Brokers

What is the Enterprise Pet Insurance?

  • This is a policy bought by a pet owner which helps to lessen the overall costs of taking care of the pets including veterinary bills.
  • It provides peace of mind for pet owners.
  • At Enterprise, our Pet Insurance covers:
  • Compensation for:

Death (accidental)

Medical Expenses/ veterinary bills


Food poisoning

Public liability

Accidental injury to pet & owner


(T&Cs apply)


How does one access the product?

To sign up and purchase a policy you can reach out on the dedicated WhatsApp numbers 0553328333 or 0509570353.

Benefits of Pet insurance

  • Helps pet lovers and pet owners protect their pets in unfortunate instances of injury to pet & named owner or caretaker.
  • Covers part of the financial cost involved in caring for a pet such as medical expenses, food poisoning and public liability (pet causing damage or injury to a third party)
  • It is fully digital so you can purchase a policy easily by sending a message to our WhatsApp numbers: 0553328333 or 0509570353.

What you need to sign up

Customers will need the pet’s vaccination card details, value of the pet, contact number of owner and address. All these can be submitted on the WhatsApp numbers.

Customers can engage us on WhatsApp or call the same telephone numbers for assistance.

Enterprise Pet Insurance policy…for a happy, healthy, protected pet.


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