Starlink to boost internet connectivity in Ghana amid cable outage crisis - Ursula Owusu

The Government of Ghana under the leadership of Communications Minister Ursula Owusu has announced plans to license additional satellite internet providers. This move is targeted towards tackling the ongoing disruption to internet services caused by damaged undersea cables.

 Communications and Digitalisation Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful.

Among these providers, global satellite internet giant Starlink is set to enter the Ghanaian market, promising a swift solution to the connectivity crisis.

In an address to Parliament on Monday, March 18, 2024 Minister Ursula Owusu emphasized the urgency of the situation, revealing that it will take at least five weeks to repair the damaged undersea cables.

The current internet disruption has prompted the government to expedite the licensing process for Starlink and encourage other operators to establish a presence in Ghana.

Madam Owusu also highlighted the importance of leveraging regional cooperation through initiatives like RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Company) to ensure long-term connectivity resilience across the continent.


"We must also invest in operationalizing RASCOM instead of each country going at it alone," Owusu stated, underlining the need for a collective approach to address future internet infrastructure challenges.

Acknowledging the critical role of network operators, Owusu urged them to implement alternate routes to restore phone services swiftly. This proactive measure aims to mitigate the impact of the ongoing outage on communication services in Ghana.

The announcement of Starlink's imminent entry into the Ghanaian market has generated significant anticipation among citizens and businesses alike.

With its cutting-edge satellite technology, Starlink promises to revolutionize internet connectivity in Ghana, offering faster speeds and more reliable access, particularly in underserved rural areas.



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