Why Ralph DiBugnara’s The Disruptors Network is a blessing for anyone wanting to attain success

With each passing month, more and more individuals join the real estate industry. Whether through flipping properties, buying apartment units, and becoming landlords, or even becoming agents.

Ralph DiBugnara

With all the different directions one can take in the industry, it’s no surprise that there’s never a lack of opportunities; it’s an endless supply. This means that no two people within the industry have the same success story, and The Real Estate Disruptors Network has taken notice of this.

Started by Ralph DiBugnara and Eulogio Medina, The Real Estate Disruptors Network is one of the most exclusive communities in the industry that provides entrepreneurs with tools to network with professionals, teaches them how to build a personal brand, and shares the secrets of top experts. However, their latest venture has been creating their reality TV show, where they’ll be focusing on the stories of multiple people who are making names for themselves in the world of real estate.

The show will follow the lives of a handful of individuals who will be sharing how they started from nothing and built themselves into successful entrepreneurs through hard work and persistence. The goal is to provide these individuals with a platform to grow their businesses and brands while also showing everyday people the reality of joining the real estate industry and how they can do the same if they have enough dedication.

Some of the big-name investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and interior designers appearing on the show include Anthony Lolli, Raphael Vargas, Vanessa DeLeon, Lynn Hazan, Jordan and Luke Lintz, Anthony Delgado, and Paul Getter. All of them have scaled their brands to great heights and amassed a considerable following across all social media platforms.


The Real Estate Disruptors Network won’t just focus on the money and fame aspect of their lives, but also what resources and strategies were used to build each separate business. All of this will be shown authentically, as there isn’t a second of scripted content within the whole show. Being transparent was one of the most essential things the creators kept in mind while making the show, as they wanted to provide industry newcomers with a straightforward outlook on what they can expect.

Episodes of the show will be available on multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, and even on the Disruptors Network app, which will be free on Google Play and the App Store. One episode will be airing each week, for a total of 12 episodes altogether.

Ralph DiBugnara and Eulogio Medina will be changing the real estate industry for the better through their work, making it easier for new and experienced entrepreneurs to scale their brands. The Disruptors Network is more than just a reality TV show about successful people; they aim to genuinely help every individual who appears on or watches the show.

To learn more about The Disruptors Network brand, head over to their website,, or Ralph DiBugnara’s Instagram, @dibug, where he shares updates regarding his company.


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